Emergency Department Expansion

Construction has Begun!

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If you will be visiting Feather River Hospital in the next 15 months or so, you will see that some significant changes to the campus are already underway.

Construction of the new Emergency Department (ED) has begun! Numerous advance phases have been completed in preparation for building this expansion, including the new parking lots, the septic system replacement, the loading dock and some other minor projects. This particular phase of the expansion will be the construction of the approximately 17,000 square foot ED.

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This important expansion will create an Emergency Department with 18 private treatment rooms, an isolation room for patients with infectious diseases, a separate entrance with direct access to new design will allow for immediate and convenient access tox-ray, digital radiography and CT imaging services.

“We are pleased that this project is coming to a reality,” says Wayne Ferch, President & CEO. “This is a significant milestone for FRH, and will ensure that the ridge community has access to a world class ED for the future. We know that there will be many challenges during the construction. We ask for your patience and understanding during the next year and a half of construction.”

The construction area encompasses a large portion of the Pentz Road side of the hospital, and there will be significant disruption to parking and pedestrian access to the hospital. The construction area must be fenced to ensure the safety of our patients, visitors, physicians, employees and volunteers. This fenced area will ensure that the necessary site demolition is completed safely, and will allow for the construction crews to have appropriate access to necessary equipment and supplies.

During the construction project, pedestrian access to the Emergency Department will be re-routed.

Maps are available on the Construction Parking page which provides additional information aboutparking and access during construction.

We know that there will be challenges during the construction phase, and we truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we make improvements to continue to meet your health care needs.

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